Cubase 9.5 Updates

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Cubase 9.5 Updates

Post by rlared »

Will 9.5 continue to receive updates / bugfixes for a period of time now that 10 is out?

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Re: Cubase 9.5 Updates

Post by vspa »

support is available at least for Cubase 7 and later,

Cubase 9.5.41 became available a couple of weeks ago,
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Re: Cubase 9.5 Updates

Post by planarchist »

In the past there has usually been one further update to a version after a new version is released. Thus, in this case there might be a 9.5.50.....

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Re: Cubase 9.5 Updates

Post by rickfitch »

9.5.41 upgrade went fine on my laptop but when I tried to apply it to my studio computer is says Cubase 9.5 is not installed. It was one upgrade behind my laptop. This proabably will not matter when I upgrade to 10 but for now I'd like to get the studio patched to the latest 9.5 version.
Any ideas?

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