Midi Problem

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Midi Problem

Post by EspenWestbye »

Midi problem.

Here is the issue :

I have a midi Track "input : my Main midi keyboard (midi in)" "output : Synth (midi out)"

When i play my keyboard the midi signal work great and it sound like it should.

But when record in to a midi track and play the midi track (midi out ->synth). The synth gets a chorus sound. Pretty sure its two of the same signal playing.

This problem only comes when i play a midi track from cubase. When playing the keyboard it sounds good.

Any idea why my synth is playing double up when i play det midi track from cubase?

Really hope someone could give me som ideas to solve this.


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Re: Midi Problem

Post by az_spunky »

You have "local control" turned on on the keyboard, instead of just "external only." It's a setting on the keyboard.
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