Cubase 9 not exporting stereo files

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Cubase 9 not exporting stereo files

Post by Vicarious »

Hi all,

I'm going crazy with a stupid issue and can't find the solution. I hope you could help me with this. It is simple:

when i need to export, for example, a midi file to audio, it export a multiple mono left/right. I need a stereo mix export. As you can see from the image, all settings seem to be correct.
I've tried creating a mono output in vst connections but with no result.

Where is the issue? ( not considering my ignorance😅)
Thank you so much for your help!! It's urgent. ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing

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Re: Cubase 9 not exporting stereo files

Post by raino »

It's not really obvious what you are trying to show in the first image of the waveforms.

The 2nd image of the settings isn't clear enough for me to read.

Rather than taking a photo of your computer screen, it is much better to use the Windows Snipping Tool or similar to capture images directly from the screen. In general more info is better than less.

Can you post screen captures for the
1) Export Audio dialog (i.e. redo your 2nd pic)
2) Audio Connections Output tab

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