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GUI problems

Post by dombek »

First of all, I have to apologize if someone already posted a similar topic, but I couldn't find anything while doing a basic search..

I started having GUI problems maybe a week ago in Cubase 8.5..
Everything was working fine, I haven't installed or changed anything and it just started to behave this strange way...

Slate VTM - the plugin is working, but the metering needle isn't moving...
Sknote Disto - the plugin is working, but again the metering doesn't work
Groove Agent SE - I click on "Mixer" it shows me "Edit" window and vice versa..

Maybe there are a couple more plugins which aren't working, but I havent0 found out yet..
This is very annoying and I would appreciate any help..
I've attached pictures so you have a better understanding of the bug..
Keep in mind - Disto plugin in the picture doesn't have any signal passing through the plugin even though the lights suggest differently..

Thank you in advance for all the help
disto GUI Bug.jpg
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GA GUI.jpg
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