Outputs not usable as Cues in Cubase Pro 8

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Outputs not usable as Cues in Cubase Pro 8

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Dear All,

I've posted this in another thread, but I guess this is a hardware/ driver issue, because I never had this issue with my Tascam DM4800.

I've been scratching my head for quite some time now. I am trying to configure the Studio Cues in Cubase Pro 8 (patched to .40) with a MR816CSX. I have created a cue, selecting Analog Output 3 and 4, yet it says they are not connected. It doesn't matter which output I select, Cubase keeps highlighting them red and Cubase states "Studio not connected". What am I doing wrong? I am not using output 3 and 4 anywhere else.

Please find attached a screenshot of the studio configuration, the mr816 driver settings and the cubase asio selection.

Thank you for your help in advance!!

Kind regards,

vst studio cue-issue_yamaha-driver-select-cubase.PNG
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vst studio cue-issue_yamaha-driver.PNG
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vst studio cue-issue.PNG
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