Solving Problems with a MR interface

All about Steinberg's Advanced Integration DSP Studio MR816 CSX and MR816 X.
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Solving Problems with a MR interface

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This list is to solve problems with the MR as for example:
- Drop Outs
- Crackles
- Driver is not installed correctly
- Asio Performance Issues

!!! Remember to select the MR driver as ASIO driver in Cubase under "Devices--> Device Setup--> VST Audiosystem".

The MR's should be connected through the included Firewire cable.

If there are problems with the MR you should try to connect it through different Firewire ports on your system. Firewire Hubs can cause problems in some cases, but also resolve them.
Please vary the connections accordingly.

3. Reinstall the latest Mr Tools as Administrator. Turn off any security or system tools that could prevent a correct installation and functionality of the device drivers: ... mr816.html

In some cases it may be necessary that you use a high-quality PCI / PCIe FireWire card (for laptops and PCMCIA card and Express Card slot) in connection with the MR: ... atibility/
If you already use a high-quality PCI / PCIe FireWire card, please try to connect the card to another PCI slot.

Turn off all unused devices in Device Manager. These include for example Netwok cards, Bluetooth peripherals. Sample, you should also disable important devices like the video card and start Windows again. So you can rule out a conflict with these device drivers.

Update the drivers for your hardware. You should especially update the Chipset/Motherboard and video card drivers.

Furthermore, it is important that you optimize your Windows for DAW applications. Each point in the following article is important and should be applied carefully. ... -for-daws/

Please follow the instructions on this site:
Jan Peters, QA
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
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