New TOOLS for MR816 for macOS

All about Steinberg's Advanced Integration DSP Studio MR816 CSX and MR816 X.
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Stefan Schreiber
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New TOOLS for MR816 for macOS

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Steinberg has released new updates of the TOOLS for MR816 CSX and MR816 X for macOS.

The TOOLS update now ensures compatibility with macOS Sierra.

Please find the TOOLS for MR816 version 1.7.8 here.

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Re: New TOOLS for MR816 for macOS

Post by ltf3 »


I just like to say "Thanks" to SB /Yamaha for maintaining support for the MR816 units!

When I bought mine way back in 2008 (earlier ?) I posted here that I thought Sternberg would have to provide driver support way past the 'end of sale' date for hardware if they wanted to be taken seriously in the hardware arena. ( I'd been bitten before.... )

They've done that as evidenced here.

The interface is still a great box ... it's worked well for me consistently particularly for remote recordings on an older Mac laptop using a Firewire adapter!

Eventually support will stop, but I hope to use the 816 into the future as an extra 8 mic pre's via ADAT into any other interface I might move to ....

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