Export Audio mixdown = add metadata

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Export Audio mixdown = add metadata

Post by sylvainmoreau »


would be nice to be able to add metadata on a mixdown (when single file) (or apply same to multiple file..)
at least comments or things like that.

Sometime i'm working on a project and i have an idea that is not related at all to this project. i do a fast track on it and export mixdown this idea to a folder called "ideas". But because i don't want to cut the workflow i don't take time to note down info about that idea more than the audio that's there.
i would like to be able on the same export window to add at least "comments" about the track. then export and go back work on my session.
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Re: Export Audio mixdown = add metadata

Post by Niekbeem »

Although I think you got a point with your [FR], I think the best solution to add user-defined metadata to your WAV's, is to use a serious metadata-editor.
Although it's VERY unstable (and not recommended at the moment), I use WaveLab as my metadata-editor or "Audio Finder" by Iced Audio.

You probably already know that Nuendo's "Export Audio Mixdown"-window allows you to include some metadata in your WAVs? Maybe you can use the "Description"-field in the BWAV-Chunk for your "Comments"?

Maybe this helps.
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