batch edit file names in project

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batch edit file names in project

Post by rekorderalex »

Sometimes it happens to me that I start recording and notice minutes (sometimes hours) later that the track name is wrong and all the files have the wrong name. Now with PLE I can batch rename the Event Description but not the file Name. And with "renaming objects" in the pool there is no option for search and replace.
So when I want to deliver the recordings to a customer and not be embarrassed I have to do file by file :cry:

Would be great to have a sleek way of doing this.

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Re: batch edit file names in project

Post by sylvainmoreau »

yep... sometime you need a tool for that. also when you edit samples for a library !
but the you realise that you need lot of tools to make it efficient. sufix, prefix, scanning the names with - / looking for numbers, incremental etc... to be able to set an algorithm that works and batch change names is not that easy.
i remember finding a powerful tools under window.. for samples in library. worked fine really not sure if i would like to stay in nuendo for that or have a dedicated tool (when you see how some file manager like the media bay could be improved :p)
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