Order tracks feature

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Order tracks feature

Post by Dolfo »

It would be great to be able to order tracks or group of tracks by alphabetic order or other criteria (type of track, first event in time line...)
I know you can use the find track name function, but the requested feature would help us.
Anyone would like this?
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Re: Order tracks feature

Post by Niekbeem »

Anything that makes Nuendo a real advanced piece of software can count on my +1.
So what would your order criteria be?

May I add the following order criteria?
  • Track Mute state (on or off)
  • Track color
  • Track format (5.1, stereo, mono etc.)
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Re: Order tracks feature

Post by foobeats »

+1 for this, even if I believe it's not so easy due to the channel ID.

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