[FR] "Child"-buses for External FX

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[FR] "Child"-buses for External FX

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Please supply a way to create "Child"-buses for External FX like we can do for hardware-outputs.

Example: I own the (now legacy) SSL XLogic Multichannel Compressor which offers a 5.1 mode as well as a dual stereo mode. If I now create a 5.1 External FX for this box I have no chance to use it as stereo insert in another project unless I delete the 5.1 entrance.

... it's also cumbersome in case of mono boxes, like my vintage Neve channel strips, which I can't combine in pairs of two (or even as a 6-channel insert for surround work) without constantly re-defining the connections.

"Favorites" approach this problem only half-heartedly, especially at times when you switch often between projects which rely on different External FX routings (... eg. in the final phase of an album mix).

The most straight-forward and quite obvious solution would be the same "Child Bus"-structure we find in the Output section of the ASIO connections.


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