Phase Coherent Multitrack Free Warping

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Phase Coherent Multitrack Free Warping

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Phase Coherent Multitrack Free Warping!
I was surprised to see where this came in the recent Cubase vote feature request by Matthias. It came in 13th! And I'm not even sure that this exact feature was the one being voted for. The Free warp part. It was beat out by export to video & St plugins for mono chnls. [scratching head] :?
PT has had this since 2008. Maybe CB and Nuendo users who didn't vote for this amazing feature haven't experienced MT elastic audio in PT and don't know what your missing?

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Re: Phase Coherent Multitrack Free Warping

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Re: Phase Coherent Multitrack Free Warping

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"PT has had this since 2008."
They claim that, I've never been convinced. Trust your ears.
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