EQ Matching

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EQ Matching

Post by ltf3 »

I’d really like a faster EQ matching function to match ( for example ) voices recorded in two different locations. I know about the Voxengo Curve EQ .. but it’s such a pain to use.

Today I was working in Final Cut Pro X and had this exact scenario. I simply selected the audio I wanted to change ... chose Match Audio... then clicked on a clip with the desired character. Boom done.

Yeah I know it wasn’t perfect, but after 30 secs of refinement and a bit of ambience it was seamless.

I even replicated the process in Curve EQ for comparison’s sake and it was like running a program from Windows 95!

Pretty sure a high end post production tool can do better.

Please? :D

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Re: EQ Matching

Post by Iftekharul Anam »

I love the Curve EQ. But if it, or anything else can provide faster and better results, then,

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Re: EQ Matching

Post by Bassman »

Try MeldaProductions "MAutoEqualizer" or IK Multimedias "Master Match". Easy to use ... but not free.
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