FR : Please improve Track Versions handling

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FR : Please improve Track Versions handling

Post by Yannick »

since the addition of track versions, my life is much easier in the studio, thanks for that SB !

I'd like to see the following improvements (a lot has to do with working in a multi-folder "group editing activated" situation in projects with a large track count) :

- I'd like to be able to change the track versions ID's on any track / any version by double clicking and typing without having to go through the "Assigning a Common ID" procedure described in the manual. It would be a huge time saver on projects with lots of tracks.

- I'd like to be able to freely RE-ORDER the track versions in the inspector list ! (move up/down command ?)

- I'd like a more flexible "Select Tracks with Same Version ID" function : ATM it will only select the tracks on which the activated track version share the same ID, I would like another option that would be : Select tracks that share same version ID AND activate same version ID's for those tracks.

- I'd like to be able to re-name v1 even if there is no other track version present, ATM you can only rename if there is more than one track version.

- I'd like to be able to rename a track version (double click) without automatically activating the track version i double click on (for example : I want to rename track versions while i an actually recording - time saver !
Activating track version should be single click only (maybe it could be a preference...)

This is all i can think of ATM but I'm probably skipping things i've run into while tracking/editing/mixing.


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Re: FR : Please improve Track Versions handling

Post by AngelRguez77 »

Good points, your post had me realize I do the whole "common ID" management manually and it could be easier. Hope this gets attention soon.

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