Side By Side Dockable MixConsole

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Side By Side Dockable MixConsole

Post by suntower » Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:18 pm

Now that I have a 43" monitor, the idea of a single-window UI makes a LOT more sense to me.

But the lower zone is not the answer. Rather, I want to be able to put MixConsole in the -right- zone. Sort of. But the right zone is not resizable.

What I -really- want is for the Right Zone to work the way the Lower Zone works-- IE. you can grab the divider between the two zones and re-size them both at will.

I basically want to be able to 'glue' MixConsole to the right of the Project Window and then be able to grab the divider and slide them back and forth (auto-resizing horizontally).
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Re: Side By Side Dockable MixConsole

Post by Quinn3k3 » Sun Jul 28, 2019 3:31 am

Hi Suntower,

I am for all the elements of Cubase to be dockable, re-sizable and tabbed where appropriate. I think that Wavelab has a ton of flexibility in the GUI and would love to see Cubase adopt some of this functionality. With all the different monitor combinations that people are using (1,2,3,4 monitors, wide-screen, 40"+ etc) the ability to move things where you want them becomes a much bigger deal.

I would love to be able to allocate as much or as little of my screen real estate to each area or zone and dock the elements that I want into tabs within that zone.

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