Cubase 10.5 on High Sierra..?

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Cubase 10.5 on High Sierra..?

Post by edz »

I installed High Sierra in November 2018 because Mojave was not compatible with many musical applications.
Then later,every editor, like Steinberg, said it was possible to upgrade to macOS Mojave.
But as all was working fine I was not in a hurry to upgrade ...till yesterday.
As I'd like to install 10.5 I tried to install Mojave from App Store, but it's no longer possible.
My question is, can I install 10.5 on High Sierra or, if it is not possible, have you a link to download Mojave OS I can install it on High Sierra (in order to keep all my musical stuff ready to work = not have to reinstall all Native Instruments libraries for instance ) ?

Thanks a lot in advance !

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Re: Cubase 10.5 on High Sierra..?

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here is the Mojave download... no problem at all.. I downloaded it to do a fresh install if I need it, and made a usb installer with diskmakerX. ... ls=1&mt=12
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