organising cubase projects

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Re: organising cubase projects

Post by xerix »

Alexander78 wrote:
Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:47 am
Instead, I would take the projects I want to move and either move the entire root folder, or open the session and "Save As" in the new location.
but thats what im saying, I cut & paste the whole root folder (that has Audio/Images/Track Pictures etc.. inside it) into a new subfolder.
it works so far

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Re: organising cubase projects

Post by Alexander78 »

Oh, right, sorry, yeah, thats not a prob.
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Re: organising cubase projects

Post by currentsound »

For recording and production sessions my folder structure looks like
CubaseProjects\Clients\Client Name\Song Name\

For beat-making, ideas and my own songs it looks more like this
CubaseProjects\MidiVSTprojects\MMDDYY (as in month, day, year) followed by - Song Name\
CubaseProjects\MidiVSTprojects\072719 - New Drake Style Beat\

This way, songs for artists can be found easily
Ideas can be browsed by date

Since computers default to sorting by alphabetically order, this will sort all your music productions and recordings (Cubase Sessions) by month and day. You should put the month first Americian style otherwise it will order by day of the month which makes no sense. You need it to go, month, day, year.

I also have other folders like this
CubaseProjects\VocalSessions\Client Name\Song Name\


CubaseProjects\SongParts\Client Name\Song Name\

These I use if I don't track vocals or instruments in the actual project folder. Sometimes it's better to bounce down the session to an audio file and track all the vocals over the bounce then copy the takes back into the project later for mixing. Times when this is useful is if the cpu usage is too high in the session that it's not playing back smoothly or if you want low latency monitoring through the DAW.

I also have separate folders for mastering that look like
CubaseProjects\MasteringCliens\Client Name\Song Name or Album Name\

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Re: organising cubase projects

Post by xerix »

That's not a bad idea, thx!

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Re: organising cubase projects

Post by dbwalter »

Regarding what to do with those pesky bak files, I use an applescript (triggered using a Keyboard Maestro key command) to hide them. If you need to see them there's another applescript to show them again. Nothing lost, but everything tidy.
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Re: organising cubase projects

Post by tarantulis »

The project organization in Cubase is the worst. Why oh why do we have to name a folder before starting a project, then manually name the project the same thing when saving. And god forbid you want to change the name of your project--you will have to change the project file name, then the folder, then open the project and set the folder all over again....

Extremely annoying and something you don't even have to think about with other DAWs.

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