[FR] Enable loading up of very large projects back-to-back without crashing.

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[FR] Enable loading up of very large projects back-to-back without crashing.

Post by In_Stereo » Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:52 pm

This has been happening to me since I started with Cubase 8 over three years ago, and on the forums I could see a while ago when I first posted about it that it's been going for many years on both Mac and Windows.

The issue is that I (and plenty of others) can't load up very large projects back-to-back without N8.2 crashing. Important: I can load up many small projects back-to-back without issue, by way of comparison. And I can load up different versions of one project (with most of the same approximate plugins and VSTs, etc.), also (usually) without issue.

This does not happen in other DAWs I've used or tried (Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One) - on those I can load up as many very large projects as I want back-to-back without any problem. This must be an old code problem for Cubendo since it's been around for so long and exists on both Windows and Mac. I have 64 gigs of RAM, which is more than enough for any RAM issues here.

I want to stay on Cubendo so I keep hoping it will get implemented to compete effectively with other pro DAWs. Thanks for listening and implementing!
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