Video Window FR's

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Video Window FR's

Post by compositor » Sat Jun 02, 2018 2:40 am


I'm trialling out Nuendo 8 and loving it but in relation to ADR, can there be a musical mode as well, i.e. Bars and Beats rather than just timecode?

Also, some font editing would be very welcome, as well as a resizable window without pre-defined aspect ratios etc., plus it would be nice to be able to (of course) import AND export video, as well as arrange still images on a Video Track and not to mention be able to include Captions.

I know the feature set is improving, which is why I will likely be purchasing the program shortly, as part of the current special pricing due to the simple fact of ADR dialogue entry (which I am using exclusively for music and lyrics) but coming from Premiere, it would be very nice and would probably bring in new customers however on the whole I think SB are doing a good job with all the programs they make.


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