Direct offline processing barely usable...

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Re: Direct offline processing barely usable...

Post by MattiasNYC »

Ok, so just so that I'm absolutely clear on this, because I'm only halfway through my second cup of morning-coffee;

1. You want to process a clip using RX DeClick. You select the clip and use the drop-down menu to select that plugin.

2. DOP window always opens. It remembers the last used plugin rather than the one you just chose.

3. You now have to select for a second time RX DeClick.


So in effect this makes the drop-down menu offline plugin selection 100% useless, yes? You would just skip step 1 and just open DOP right away instead, since step 1 is meaningless.... right?
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Re: Direct offline processing barely usable...

Post by AlexBell »

Hi, yes that is what happened.

But today I couldn't reproduce it so hard to say what was going on last time. I'll give it another go in some more projects and see what happens.

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