Cubase crashes when I try to export

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Cubase crashes when I try to export

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Version: Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5.50
This annoys me. I have to export until tomorrows deadline but this software is just too full of bugs and leaves me with no error message, no crashdumps.
When I hit export everything freezes and I have to close cubase through task manager.
I've tried changing between different asio drivers, no success.
It's just weird. This happens alot. I manage to export 2 versions before this was a problem again.

The project is fairly small. The VST's I use is Play, fm8 and the ones that came with cubase.

I'm failry new to Cubase.

Anyway, I need a workaround. I considered using OBS to just record audio as I play through when cubase is open (audio quality doesn't really matter that much at this point), but then there's issues with the asio driver. Any tips or ideas?

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