message "can't handle nested Tuplets" in Cubase 9

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message "can't handle nested Tuplets" in Cubase 9

Post by Ferenz »

Hello Everyone !

I am trying to create tuplets, 5 and 7 in Score edition, in Cubase 9.5.41 pro. on Mac
I click on "Built N-Tuplets..." put a few notes, click either on "Quantize" or "built"
and always get this message :
"can't handle nested Tuplets"
Why can i do...?
What does it mean ?

I just want to have tuplets...

does anyone has the solution please ?
Thank you so much !

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Re: message "can't handle nested Tuplets" in Cubase 9

Post by Martin.Jirsak »


Here in Dorico manual you can read what nested triplets are. The question is, what exactly you do, that Cubase things you are going to write these nested triplets.
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