Mystic sound distorted/grainy/lo-fi/aliased

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Mystic sound distorted/grainy/lo-fi/aliased

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I've seen the reported issues that mystic sounds distorted after a reload, but my issue is immediately when using it.
1. Create empty project
2. Add an instrument track with mystic
3. Arm "record-enable" on track
4. Load Preset 2 lost Trumpets
4. Play Notes
-> Result:

Mystic sounds distorted as if the internal samplerate of the instrument is not in sync with the host.
This was not the case in earlier cubase versions
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Re: Mystic sound distorted/grainy/lo-fi/aliased

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Hello. Did you find any solution to resolve this? I have similar issue, but only when i try to make up my own sound. For example when i turn the feedback knob to 0 it produce just noise, morph, drawing in spectrum display or changing of impulse doesn't make change to sound at all.

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