Cannot Clear Insert Rack in Docked MixConsole

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Cannot Clear Insert Rack in Docked MixConsole

Post by Kabir »

Cannot clear the insert effects rack on a track in the docked MixConsole

(1) Add some effects into the insert slot of an audio or group track
(2) In the docked console view (Lower Zone), select the "Inserts" view
(3) Highlight the effects rack of the track on which effects were just added
(4) Right-click and select the "Clear" option from the context menu, with the "Backspace" shortcut

Result: The insert effects rack is not cleared.

It works with a Backspace keystroke and from the context menu in the floating window (the normal one toggled with F3), but not in the new MixConsole that appears at the bottom of the project view

I'm using Cubase 9.0.1 on OSX 10.11.6.

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