Snap to Zero Crossing in does not work in CP 9.0.1

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Snap to Zero Crossing in does not work in CP 9.0.1

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Cubase Pro 9.0.1

1. Open empty project
2. Import any audio file (WAV)
3. Select Snap to Zero Crossing (the button).
4. Select the Split tool (the scissor).
5. Hover your cursor over the wave file, it does not snap to zero crossing.
Cubase Pro 10.5.20
HALion 6.3.1
OS: Windows 10 (1903)
Soundcard: RME Digiface USB with ADA8200 + ARC USB
DAW: AMD Ryzen 3950x | ASUS Prime x570-P | 32GB DDR4 3600MHz | Intel p660 NVMe M.2 2TB | Samsung EVO SSD 250GB SATA | Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 5700 XT (set to PCIE 3.0 in BIOS w/drivers Adrenaline v19.11.3)
Screen: Philips 439P9H (Curved SuperWide 32:10) @ 3840x1200
Computer related hardware: 2xUAD-2 Duo PCIE, BCF2000 (MCU), Nord Wave, Eurorack via ES3/ADAT
Other DAWs: Bitwig 3.2

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