Android wireless remote!!!!! Please!!!!!

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Android wireless remote!!!!! Please!!!!!

Post by smoochdaddy »

I cant record my drums from a distance. Studio one has a wireless remote as well as monitoring that does not have me switch every time i want to hear and practice to my tracks during playback. I think its called auto monitoring. This would make cubase my all in one DAW. Instead of jumping DAW's for different functions, like recording drums wirelessly.

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Re: Android wireless remote!!!!! Please!!!!!

Post by LM_Piozza »

+1 Excellent add!

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Re: Android wireless remote!!!!! Please!!!!!

Post by raino »

This is unlikely to happen since Steinberg already tried this a few years ago. But it turned out there are so many Android variants and updates that they couldn't keep up so they dropped Android support and only do iOS now.

I keep a 2nd small cheap wireless computer keyboard across the room that lets me use key commands from there.

Also a lot of us on the forum are big on this
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Re: Android wireless remote!!!!! Please!!!!!

Post by Centralmusic »

...maybe that's the solution?

Steinberg acquires Xewton - A nice move!
Xewton´s "Music Studio" app was also an package with instruments, samplers, beats, effects - and there was also a version for > Android (!!)

By the way, according to Google´s Play Store, Alexander Gross from Xewton is a creator of FL Studio 2 Mobile...

Hopefully Steinberg will do it right in the future, thinkin about: Android remote app! :idea:

"Steinberg acquires Xewton
May 30, 2018
We're pleased to inform you about the acquisition of the intellectual property of Austria-based app company Xewton. By taking advantage of these assets we will now be able to quickly move forward with Cubasis and, as Captain Kirk would say, "boldly go where no man has gone before" or should news-style lingo prevail, strengthen its already proven foundation while ensuring the competitiveness in a fast-paced industry.

Lars Slowak, team lead & product planning manager commented: "Acquiring Xewton's IP marks a significant technological step forward for Steinberg's app development team. This will give Cubasis a boost, and who knows what else may come of it." ... -4772.html
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Re: Android wireless remote!!!!! Please!!!!!

Post by domus »


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Re: Android wireless remote!!!!! Please!!!!!

Post by leonardm »

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