Organ / Keyboard Particularities

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Re: Organ / Keyboard Particularities

Post by Romanos401 »

Here's a link to a separate thread I started requesting a future update to the new line tool to add vertical curly braces.
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Re: Organ / Keyboard Particularities

Post by chadstaten »

Thanks for the tips regarding hiding empty organ staves.

For globally, I followed exactly what was indicated: Layout Options (Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-L) > Vertical Spacing > Hide Empty Staves and set to "After first system" or "Always".

I found the clue locally in Remove Staff. When I tried to add it again where there are notes, I got the error message: "The selected instrument is held by a section player. You can only add staves to instruments held by a solo player."

The organ *should* be a solo instrument, and not a section. It seems I had somehow added the organ as a "Section" instrument when I first started the score. I entered it as a "Solo" instrument below the existing organ lines to test this new discovery. Behold--hide empty staves is suddenly working! Ah, the learning curve from Sibelius is steep sometimes! Thanks for your help and patience.

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Re: Organ / Keyboard Particularities

Post by Derrek »

You can create an empty solo player and drag your organ instrument from the section organ player to the solo organ player (and then delete the now-empty section organ player). That is likely the simplest way to make the transition.
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