VST Transit almost there.

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VST Transit almost there.

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VST Transit is not behaviour how it suppose to.

I'm trying to use Steinberg VST3 plugins/effects on a project created on my laptop but somehow it does not show right on my desktop computer. Obviously I'm correctly doing the all sync procedure using VST Transit between them.

I created a simple project using Halion 5, Retrologue 2, Groove Agent 4, some Steinberg's VST3 inserts (Quadrafuzz 2, LoopMash, Compressor, RoomWorks, Multiband Compressor), added some presets on each of them but it insist not to work right.
So once I open it up after sync, various plugins are missed and parameter are completely mismatched.

So I would say that this new feature, VST Transit, it is not working correctly yet. Hopefully in upcoming FREE version of it.

I am happy to share it for technical support.

W10 + CB Pro 8.5.20 build 169 (64bit) + Steinberg VST3 plugins

Thank you.
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