[issue] Auto select tracks

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[issue] Auto select tracks

Post by djgraver »

open work project
Open VST Transin
unmark what you dont need
Add new instrument/audio/ etc
in VST Transin EVERYTHING will be marked again.

i have 300 tracks in project i want send only 3 of them, every time i need make 300 click to uncheck no need stuff.
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Re: [issue] Auto select tracks

Post by musicullum »

Thanks. The bug has been identified and will be fixed with the next version.
Whether or not we can make it for a (se-)select all button we can't promise, as it appears more vital to get the version out.

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Re: [issue] Auto select tracks

Post by Spork »

... version 1.5.22 is out and fixed it. See you, Michael.
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