Nesting/"Multiplying" "links"

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Nesting/"Multiplying" "links"

Post by MattiasNYC » Sat Feb 18, 2017 8:38 pm

I would like to see the ability to 'nest' links and VCAs as well as have tracks controlled by multiple links/VCAs (almost the same thing I guess). For example;

Hard FX tracks 1-8 linked together. Let's call that Link HFX1.
Hard FX tracks 9-16 linked together. Let's call that Link HFX2.
Ambience FX tracks 1-8 linked together. Let's call that AFX1.
Ambience FX tracks 9-16 linked together. Let's call that AFX2.

Now let's say that for whatever reason I want to control the first set of each of the two categories together, but I don't want to use VCAs or groups (maybe because I want the edits to follow linked tracks).

In Pro Tools I would be able to create more linked channels 'across' those categories. So I could create SFX 1 which would be HFX1+AFX1, all linked channels, not as VCAs. If for example I choose to 'checker-board' my edit, and use the first 8 tracks in each category for the first scene, the second 8 tracks for the second scene, first 8 again for the third and so on (i.e. first 8 for odd scenes, second for even).... then it makes sense to be able to do it this way.

In a nutshell, just look at how PT does it and copy that, because it's very useful....
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