[ISSUE] Asio Guard crashing Cubase

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[ISSUE] Asio Guard crashing Cubase

Post by JonnoRAS »

1) Create empty project
2) Add an audio track
3) Add another audio track
4) Turn on Asio Guard - low / medium or high
5) Enable monitor or record on ANY track
6) All audio, VSTi output and metering is lost
7) Cubase requires Windows task manager to quit

The same crash happens for ANY type of track - Audio / Instrument

Windows 7 (64) SP 1
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v2 @2.60Ghz (2 processors)
128 GB RAM
Cubase 8.0.10
No 3rd party software
Steinberg MR816X FW driver v1.6.5 MR Editor v1.6.4 Steinberg FW driver utility v 1.1.0

Windows 7 (64)
Dual xeon (8 core) - 128gig ram
Steinberg MR816X audio interface
Steinberg midex 8 - midi interface (yep it still works)
Cubase 7.5 and 8

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Re: [ISSUE] Asio Guard crashing Cubase

Post by grzesiustecu »

It was not so catastrophic on my system, but also just refused to record when Asio Guard was on.
Had to turn Asio Killer off and records perfectly :-)
Grzegorz Stec
Cubase 10 Pro
audio: RME Fireface UCX
i5-2500K 3,3 GHz
Mainboard: ASUS P8Z68-V
RAM 16 GB DDR3-1600
1. SSD Samsung 250 GB 840 Evo (system)
2. Samsung HD103SJ 1 TB
3. Samsung HD103SJ 1 TB
4. SSD Samsung 500GB 850 EVO (projects)
5- WD 10EADS External USB Drive, 1 TB
Power: OCZ 600MXSP
Grafics: Intel HD Grafics Family
Windows 7
Another system only for recordings:RME UFX (USB)
Win 7

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Re: [ISSUE] Asio Guard crashing Cubase

Post by vanderbirk »

Hi Jon,

i could confirm your issue...
It seems to be related with dual-socket processor architectures!
I´m actually on the very same dual Xeon-Setup.

And it´s a C8 only issue - AsioGuard with 7.5 works fine.


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Re: [ISSUE] Asio Guard crashing Cubase

Post by curteye »

Aloha guys just to chime in:

No probs with Asio Guard here.

Good Luck!
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Re: [ISSUE] Asio Guard crashing Cubase

Post by Macabril »

Hi Guys any update on this dual Xeon issue? Cheers

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Re: [ISSUE] Asio Guard crashing Cubase

Post by AMPAGE »

simliar issue here on pro 8.5 and single i5-2500k cpu... asioguard is a full on nightmare when it comes to audio tracks that are record/monitor enabled and trying to switch between them. for sure a bug of some sort.
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Re: [ISSUE] Asio Guard crashing Cubase

Post by Jouleskeys »

I've got a similar issue right now. Was there a fix for C8.5 32bit?
Cubase 10.5 Pro & Jbridge for old 32bit plugs
Motherboard: Asrock 570X Extreme
RAM: 16GB x2 Ryzen Vengeance DDR4 3600 RAM
CPU: Ryzen9 3950X
HDs: Intel M.2 SSD OS, Corsair Performance Pro, Samsung Evo, Audio running on a 2TB SATA moving HD @ 7200RPM
PCIe: 2 Port Lycom PE-107 PCI-E FireWire 800 (1394b)
Audio: RME Fireface 800 + Midiman 8x8s Midisport
Graphics: Radeon MSI 580 Armor 8GB

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