Cubase 8 Pro Mac OS Install Corrupt

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Cubase 8 Pro Mac OS Install Corrupt

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I'm trying to do a new install of Cubase 8 Pro on Mac OS 10.14 from ... ase_8.html and am running into some issues:
1. Download completes successfully (I have downloaded this three times to two different machines to rule out corruptions in the download process)
2. When trying to mount the .dmg, I get the error 'Cubase_Pro_8_Installer Image data corrupted'
3. If I skip the image mounting verification step, I get through to the Steinberg Installer
4. When the installer writes the files to the disk (at about 60%), I get the error message 'The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance'.

Is it possible the install package is corrupt? Is Cubase 8 Pro not compatible with OS 10.14? I'm out of ideas - help please!

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