"DCOM connection program 'Synsopos.exe' failed"

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Ryan S
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"DCOM connection program 'Synsopos.exe' failed"

Post by Ryan S »

Since I droped my multi USBs hook where the iLoks and eLicensers are plugged in from the top of my tower PC to the floor, I can't stop having randomly some of those errors.

Is it related to the fact that the keys fallen? Any ideas please? Thanks !

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Re: "DCOM connection program 'Synsopos.exe' failed"

Post by nordlead26 »

Solution found, it seems this problem is coming directly from Windows "DCOM service"...

Cubase Pro 9.5.50 x64
Windows 10 x 64bit
Intel Core i7 860
audio interface MOTU 828 MKII

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