Will 9.5 play CUBASE 8 mixes?

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Johnny Creator
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Will 9.5 play CUBASE 8 mixes?

Post by Johnny Creator » Fri Feb 16, 2018 1:11 am

I have the trial for 9.5, i opens my 8 mixes ,and has the same plugins I use for audio recording, mixing, mastering ( Brick wall limiter, Room works reverb, exciter, studio EQ) :D
Has anybody else played mixes they have created in 8 on 9.5, and found any difference in the plug ins
It is possible one of the plugins was not included in 9.5 , from the 8 era , yet i am not sure , i haven't spent much time doing a side by side comparison . :mrgreen:
From what i can tell , the Brick wall limiter , uses a slide fader, instead of the knobs, that always used to stick, in 8
also , to make the VST rack , disappear in the event window , you click a mini event window screen just above the VST rack, insted of going to the left hand side and opening a menu
It seems the programmers at Steinberg, get a lot of feedback, and do quite a good job of streamlining the things necessary to speed workflow .
I just question , if there is a Plug in , like Studio EQ, that was dropped from the list . I used studio EQ as a PREAMP for instruments recorded at a lower volume , i could take a Bass guitar recorded low without any type of clipping , and add 12 db and get a really excellent warm big sound that way . Almost like using a Neve Preamp POST .
I don't find any distortion in that EQ preamp , I stumbled upon it , and it has done wonders 8-)

Romantique Tp
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Re: Will 9.5 play CUBASE 8 mixes?

Post by Romantique Tp » Fri Feb 16, 2018 1:36 am

Cubase 9.5 is 100% compatible with Cubase 8 projects. All Cubase 8 effects and instruments are included. Anything that got new features or an updated interface is backwards compatible with the old version.
Every time someone says "it must be easy to add/fix", a programmer dies.

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