Should I Buy Another eLicenser(USB)?

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Should I Buy Another eLicenser(USB)?

Post by hogeollim »

Hello there
I am a user using CUBASE 8.

I wanted to use this registration more simply in the two different place, So I clicked 'ZERO TIME'
I thought this is possible to use to who don't have a eLicensor(USB) any more. Lost or Broken reason.

But After I clicked there is some problem.
[You can see the attatchments.]

There is a question.
Should I need another eLicenser(USB) to ZERO TIME?
it is blokced in my hardware 'Soft-eLicenser (Sel.) [attatchments.]

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Should I Buy Another eLicenser(USB)?

Post by Romantique Tp »

Yes, you need another USB-eLicenser for this of course.

I'm not sure if I fully understood what you said but Zero Downtime is meant only for emergencies, when you're sure you lost your eLicenser. Don't try to use it to game the system.
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Re: Should I Buy Another eLicenser(USB)?

Post by djw »

You don't get two simultaneously active licenses if you do this.

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