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Windows 10 crash- now vst folder not recognised / 8.5 update only 32 bit

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:26 pm
by Exposure
Hi, so I just experienced a crash (Windows 10) with the error message:

:( windows has encountered a problem, we'll restart and try to find the solution..

On restarting Cubase has reset to the defualt values but now I get an error message saying locate vst sound - all the files within the vst sound folder aren't recognised, the only option is to hit ignore. None of my 32bit plugins are now recognised and when I try to rescan the vst folder after adding the 32bit location, vst bridge crashes and I have to close Cubase..

I've tried resintalling a fresh copy of Cubase 8, same problem. I've also tried installing the latest 8.5 update and it only appears to be the 32bit version.

Any help much appreciated!