Midi Editing in Cubase is For the Stone Ages...

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Re: Midi Editing in Cubase is For the Stone Ages...

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I agree. I want better midi tools. It's frustrating how little attentions this gets. Meanwhile every version of Cubase seems to have a shiny update to the mixer. I'm done with the mixer. Give me midi or give me death! lol

CUBASE is brilliant here:
- Expression Maps
- CC Lane Scale edit tools
- Shared Copies
- MIDI Transformer

Where Cubase falls short, IMO:

DP's Chunks feature (really, very very very very needed)
Sibelius's Idea/motif saver
Logic's Relative Grid
Cubase Chord track doesn't auto-update midi event data
Cubase doesn't recognize patterns*

I can't simply say I want to accent a pattern in my violins, like 3-3-2.
I can't tell Cubase to change a flute run to a Lydian scale
I can't save a motif to use later, or in another file for another part of the film, as I can with Sibelius. Patterns people! Music is all patterns. It's like I have a paint brush and 50 raw paints, but no palette to create my own go-to patterns, no sketch pad, no real tools of artistry. Everything feels very raw. Raw isn't necessarily bad, but I can't really make use of most of the RAW elements of Cubase the way I want. I can't even make my own toolbars and buttons. I can with an 8 year old version of MS Office.

What I really want is an API to allow me to write my own midi editor for Cubase. Steinberg develops so many amazing standards. But Steinberg also struggles with making things intuitive and easy to work with quickly. I blame that on having so many features. But that's what us users love. I just wish I could bring the features to the forefront that I want to use all the time, and make my own editor. I shouldn't have to key-command everything. What's worse, not that many things are key-command-able. And I can't code a *real* macro in the program. I've resorted to looking at 3rd Party macro software to automate tasks within Cubase. It's sad. :( Sorry for the rant. But these have been bottling up for a while. Perhaps I could word it better. But I'd have to write a novel I think no one would read. I may already have! lol

I love Cubase. But man I wish I could make it better for editing!


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Re: Midi Editing in Cubase is For the Stone Ages...

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I am with you on these! Yes, yes, patterns, patterns!!! Music is all about patterns...

A paint brush would be so much more useful if I could define my own brush pattern. Dragging a line and the pattern repeats. And saving motifs for use elsewhere. In addition, a relative grid would be so useful. Composing for film becomes difficult without a relative grid.

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Re: Midi Editing in Cubase is For the Stone Ages...

Post by raino »

nectario wrote:What I don't like, is when I go the the articulation area and select a specific articulation, it selects the note as well. Hence, if I delete the articulation, it deletes the note too.
There is a way to do this but I don't recall what it is. I only use Direction articulations but once accidentally made a set where I forgot to change a few from Attributes and ran into the deleting note issue. Vic_France explained how to remove the articulation. It was something very simple but not intuitive. It might have been applying an Attribute a second time gets rid of it (toggle on and off)?

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Re: Midi Editing in Cubase is For the Stone Ages...

Post by nectario »

Thanks, I'll try it out.


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