Nektar Panorma Control Surface (Any Users) ?

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Re: Nektar Panorma Control Surface (Any Users) ?

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SteveInChicago wrote: Another quite cool feature is that using the multiple ports Panorama presents in Cubase you can simultaneously have the dedicated Panorama device and a Generic Remote active. Cubase sees the Internal mode as a completely distinct device.
Hey, I just bought my P4 and I liked the keyboard compared to my Triton.

Did you try the generic remote? I'm trying to assign a command to one of the button. But it seems it isn't working. Can you help how you made it to drive?
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Re: Nektar Panorma Control Surface (Any Users) ?

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Hello for evryone! Someone use Novation ReMote 37SL mk1? Im looking automap & template for Cubase 8. Can someone help me in this? Thanks.

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