Special 50% offer - RND Portico & Yamaha Vintage plug-Ins

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Special 50% offer - RND Portico & Yamaha Vintage plug-Ins

Post by TimoWildenhain »

Dear forum-members,

Steinberg ushers a special promotion regarding the Rupert Neve Designs Plug-Ins and the
Yamaha Vintage Plug-In Collection:

Save up to 50% on all packages and single plug-ins, starting at only EUR 74.99.

- RND Portico 5033 EQ
- RND Portico 5043 compressor
- RND Portico 5033 & 5043 bundle
- Vintage Open Deck
- Vintage Stomp Pack
- Vintage Channel Strip
- EQ 601, Compressor 260, Compressor 276

Rupert Neve Portico plug-ins in the Steinberg Online Shop: RND Portico plug-ins

Yamaha Vintage Plug-In Collection in the Steinberg Online Shop: Yamaha Vintage Plug-In Collection

Product information on the Rupert Neve Portico plug-ins:Product page

Product information on the Yamaha Vintage Plug-In Collection:Product page

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Re: Special 50% offer - RND Portico & Yamaha Vintage plug-In

Post by ntsarb »

This special offer is 1+ year old and still on top of the forum's topics of discussion? Can you please unstick?

Thank you!
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Re: Special 50% offer - RND Portico & Yamaha Vintage plug-In

Post by jconstantine »

Already have the Yamaha plugs cause they're included in the 01v96i mixing console.
Native should be free for 01v96i+Cubase 8.5 owners.
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Re: Special 50% offer - RND Portico & Yamaha Vintage plug-Ins

Post by Dragon96 »

That would be nice if Steinberg set up a new big save promotion on these plugins or put them as native plugins in Cubase 11.
That persuades me personally like Vari Audo 3 did before. :D
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