spectral eciting

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spectral eciting

Post by ltf3 »


Anyone interested in Nuendo having a full featured Spectral Editing view? Saw some useful things demo'd in Sony's Spectral Layers recently ... much better way of locating odd noises and such from dialog tracks!

I'd like it.....

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Re: spectral eciting

Post by MattiasNYC »

I wouldn't mind that at all, particularly if it turns into a version of iZotope's RX software. I'd say it'd have to be based on the same foundation so it seems like a path towards that type of restoration is reasonable.

On the other hand it seems like a big thing to do, and I'm not sure there aren't other things I'd prefer to see first. After all a lot of people already have RX.

But yes, I think it'd be useful if on par with RX.
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Re: spectral eciting

Post by beerbong »

yep... i suggested spectral slicing/hitpoints.

i could really use it for odd tracks when many sounds are in one wav, such as movie samples.
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