Plugin Manager: edit plugin names, remove prefix

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Plugin Manager: edit plugin names, remove prefix

Post by TuckerMix »

Protools allows plugin manufactures to specify a short plugin name for inserts, where Cubendo does not.

As Cubase 8 introduces plugin manager, it would be great if users could rename plugins for the purpose of removing prefixes, like UAD, from the beginning of plugin names as they appear in inserts.

The "UAD " prefix absorbs 4 characters from the insert name thus complicating recognition as to which plugin is instantiated due to limited character set and the useless UAD prefix.

Other plugins would also benefit from this feature.

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Re: Plugin Manager: edit plugin names, remove prefix

Post by neilwilkes »

Agreed completely - this would be really helpful.
For the UAD plugins, Phil Pendlebury has written a custom app for this that is available at along with a lot of other very useful stuff too
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