[FR] Single window for VSTi Editors (like VEP)

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[FR] Single window for VSTi Editors (like VEP)

Post by Getalife2 »

Having used VEP for a while now, I find myself really preferring the consolidation of all the VSTi into a single pane. Switching between 20 different iterations of Nexus, or whatever, gets challenging when they are all over the screen. The selection and navigation between them seems so direct and simplified in VEP.

Rather than try to spell it out, I think a quick reference to VEP would explain it all.

Any chance of something similar, at least as an option, for N7?

Thanks for the consideration.
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Re: [FR] Single window for VSTi Editors (like VEP)

Post by indiescore »

+ 1. Sort of like steinbergs no longer available vstack, or native instruments kore, it would be great to have a vst manager host within cubendo so we could consolidate and manage our vst's from one window, see a mixer for them, etc....I use kore for this purpose but it only holds 8 vst, and is limited to one stereo out per vst
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