Best practice for recording LoopMashes

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Best practice for recording LoopMashes

Post by gfisch »

I connect my iPhone to the audio in on my Macbook Pro and could record with Garageband.
The audio level is pretty low. Any better way to do that? Is it planned to be able to record a LoopMash within the iPhone and export it to iTunes? It seems kind of strange that we cannot share mashes. Regards. gfisch

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Re: Best practice for recording LoopMashes

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hi gfisch
did you sort this out?
what I do is go from the headphone out into a dedicated sound card into Cubase or Live. I have the volume levels on my iphone/ipad at full volume. Its not ideal, but the way I see it is 'live' recording, so this requires you to really practice any scratching, beat repeating, stutter/muting, reversing, and scene changes. Challenging but fun. Also pushes you to get out of the 'automation' habit and makes production more organic.

that said, I wont say 'no' to a in-app record and share feature
hope this helps (if not too late)

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