Any restrictions to loop mash usage wise?

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Any restrictions to loop mash usage wise?

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Hi all,

Might be an odd question and i don't see a post yet. Are there any sort of copyrights or anything that would prevent you from being able to release material created solely in Loopmash for iPhone. To some this is probably just a fun app to play around with. What if you aspired to released a track, or even a whole album? Any problems with Steinberg?

I guess I'm asking is this a full on music production tool, or a plaything?
I see a lot of potential for it but if it's not intended to be used as a real music creation program that's what I'm looking to know. I used other apps and software, but can't see why I couldn't make/release something.

I have Sony Acid music studio and because I own it, and paid for it I am licensed to use those loops in my personal work without any royalties owed to Sony. I own the right to use those loops.
Is this the same?

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